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YouTube | Which nutrients support optimal immunity?

Dietitian, Dr Carrie Ruxton, talks about important nutrients for immunity on BBC South Today (January 2021)

The Nutrition Bulletin number 1 most downloaded paper in 2019 - The impact of caffeine on mood, cognitive function, performance and hydration: a review of benefits and risks

A review of double‐blind, placebo‐controlled trials published over the past 15 years to establish what range of caffeine consumption would maximise benefits and minimise risks for cognitive function, mood, physical performance and hydration.

Caffeine and the role of tea

Caffeine often gets a bad rap. Blamed for sleeplessness, anxiety, frequent toilet trips and worse, it is something that many people try to avoid. Yet, this is unwarranted as, in the right amounts, caffeine is a harmless and even potentially useful natural compound.

Focus on turmeric

If you love Indian food you may already be benefiting from this amazing spice.

Focus on krill oil

These tiny sea creatures provide a great alternative source of healthy omega-3 fat.

Focus on green tea

It’s the exotic relation of our Great British cuppa and offers surprising benefits for heart health and even weight loss.

Fast food for perfect performance

Bad memory? Sluggish brain? Reactions of a tortoise? You could be eating the wrong foods. For years, the workings of our brains have been a mystery, but now scientists are unravelling how diet and nutrition can impact on the health and function of our most complex organ.

Fat or carbs? Cutting through the confusion

Is there really good evidence that the amount of fat or carbs we have in our diet makes a difference to our health?

YouTube | AHDB Beef & Lamb Stakeholder Conference 2017

Dr Carrie Ruxton, Independent dietician and nutritionist, discusses the work that is being carried out by the Meat Advisory Panel (MAP) at the AHDB Beef & Lamb Stakeholder Conference 2017.

Healthy ageing and probiotics in Japan

"The extent of the probiotic and prebiotic markets in Japan reminds us that functional foods there have been around a lot longer compared with Europe."

YouTube | British children risk health problems because of diets low in oily fish

Dr Carrie Ruxton & Dr Catherine Hood look at how to solve the problem of getting kids who won't eat fish to get the benefits of those essential oils.

Why clean eating could be bad for your bones

"As the basic concept is to avoid ‘toxins’ (which has no scientific basis by the way), a so-called 'clean' diet can mean anything from eating lots of unprocessed, raw foods to avoiding entire food groups."

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